The next best thing to fresh berries, available year-round.

Since 1980, our fresh fruit has travelled from our family’s farm to your family’s front door. G&D Growers is proud to produce and freeze-dry our best berries for you to enjoy. Our freeze-dried berries are healthy and nutritious and free of any added sugars, additives or preservatives. Enjoy them on their own as a crispy snack or as a topping on anything from salads to cereals and everything in between.


Our Products


Nothing But Fresh, Hand-Picked Berries Grown in BC.

No Added Sugar

Berry Cripsies are free of any added sugar. Unlike traditionally dehydrated fruit, our berries don’t need the addition of sugar as a preservative. Our Berry Crispies are just as healthy as eating fresh berries, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Mid-day snack that’s gluten free. Enjoy our delicious Berry Crispies at your office desk and feel good knowing that there is absolutely nothing added to our berries. Oh, and they’re vegan too!

No Preservatives

Our delicious berries are absolutely free of any additives and preservatives. There is only one thing in a bag of Berry Crispies, our sweet sweet berries!


Good For Your Taste Buds & For Your Body!